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notforzombies [userpic]
Microstock agency to sell your stock photos

Hi there guys, just an introduction! We are a microstock company called notforzombies.. our site can be viewed at http://www.notforzombies.com
Here you can register and submit your images also. If this is any interest to you guys, it will extend your earning potential with a number of stock sites.

It's free to register with the site and submit. After you have uploaded images (jpegs, 5700x3800 max 300dpi) you need to add a title and some metadata before they can be reviewed and launched on the site. Hopefully i will see some images soon as I like what i have seen so far in this community.

As with many others you get your own unique URL, you also get a personal portfolio section, where you can upload images without the need for review. All profiles do get checked so any profane, sexual or violent images will be removed.

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